Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 66: the shame of not posting

I'll start this post off by saying it will not be an abbreviated Sunday recap, despite the fact that I skipped 3 of them. I will be posting a Sunday recap this Sunday as scheduled.

What I AM going to talk about is my 2011 San Diego 3-Day experience! I'm breaking this post up into 5 posts (Day 0, Days 1-3 (the actual event), and Day 4 & beyond). I'll be posting Day 0 today, Days 1 and 2 tomorrow and Days 3 and 4 Monday or Tuesday.

Here we go!

After tons of fundraising, last minute trips to Target and packing (and packing and packing and packing) Janae and I left town around 10AM on Thursday November 17. We made great time until we hit LA traffic, then stalled out completely. Between LA traffic and San Diego rush hour we sat for about 4 hours.

However we finally got to my cousin's house in San Diego around 7 PM. I haven't seen this particular cousin in over 15 years -- she moved back to Arkansas when I was still really young. I met her kids for the first time and her husband. It was really wonderful to catch up with her and so amazingly kind of them to let us crash with her Thursday night.

After a great homemade dinner we sorted out our stuff and rearranged what was coming with us (like my camel-bak -- I made ribbons with the names of my donors, survivors and in memory that I carried with me every step of the way, because I couldn't have done it without them) to the 3-Day and what would be staying in the car at long-term parking, got snuggled in around 10:00 and tried to get to sleep! No matter how many years it's been I still wind up feeling like it's Christmas eve -- I never think I'll be able to fall asleep and then before I know it I'm out.

I know this post is kinda short, but I'll see you tomorrow with Day 1 and Day 2! And Sunday with my Sunday recap and regularly scheduled #hotby30 posts. :)

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