Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello hello!

Hi guys!

I can't believe I am posting again about how it's been so long, how I'm neglecting the blog, how I suck, blah blah.

But I digress.

Something clicked. In the last month, something clicked hard. Jeff and I joined a gym, have been working out every day, counting calories and getting ready for our life together.

I feel like I sat by and watched life happen. I changed that a little bit in 2009 after my first 3-Day, and it took me the last 3 years to figure out the rest of it.

Here are the cold, hard facts about me:

I can't do it alone. I am independent as all get out, but having my amazing and sweet (and equally out of shape) boyfriend wake me up and say "let's hit the gym" makes all the difference. Working out next to him pushes me harder than I could ever push myself.

I have to be working toward something. Not just "I want to weigh 165 in a year" (which I do) or "when I lose 50 pounds I'll buy myself those Tiffany earrings" (which I will), but something physical to push my body to. I know training so hard (and correctly) for the 3-Day in 2009 is why I lost so much weight that year. So when I signed up for a 5k fun run I had something to work towards. I've stared training using an amazing app, Ease into 5k. And since starting again I have run every single part of my interval training that I'm supposed to. The first time I successfully completed a full training session I was grinning like an idiot on the treadmill during my entire cool down. I think if this becomes habit I'll have to sign up for a race every month or so.

I have to really, really limit my dairy intake. I don't want to get too far into this one, but let's just say it's not a good thing, and I'm tired of what I've eaten impacting the rest of my day.

Counting calories. Have to do it. Everything that goes into my mouth goes into My Fitness Pal. How often do we forget that we ate something earlier? I have to track right then right there or the Luna bar I ate slips my mind, or I forget I was starving so I threw together a turkey and cheese sandwich as I flew out the door for work.

These are the things that are working for me right now, and I'm learning every day to embrace who I am now and who I want to be and not let the person I was impact that.

Things clicked. I'm seeing huge changes. I'm really, really happy.

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