Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 40: Sunday recap

Tapering is gorgeous. I never, never, never get to train as much as I want to. If I intend to run a marathon sometime in the next 2 years I really need to re-prioritize training when it's called for. The simple truth of the matter is that I'd really rather stay curled up in bed on the weekends than get up at 5:00 to workout. It does not help that Jeff has me in a death grip while we sleep on the weekends (although it does make me feel really special). I am so excited for things to calm down in the next year and see what having a routine does for me. The past month or so has been way, way out of my routine and even though I know my routine is going to change drastically in the next few weeks (yay, working, yay!) I also know that I will relax into it and be able to carve out dedicated training time. And theoretically in 5 and a half months when the ACTUAL training plan kicks in I'll have dropped a significant number of pounds. Less of me to carry around = easier training.

I feel like I've been making excuses for eating crappy. "I've been busy, no time, blah blah." True, but it's just as easy to run to the store and buy a lean cuisine or smart one as it is to run to taco bell or jack in the box. I KNOW I've been eating like shit. And more than ME knowing I've been eating like shit, my body knows I've been eating like shit. It's inexcusable, especially when I was just starting to see these fantastic results from Zumba. I told Jeff earlier to day that I really hope he enjoyed these last 2 weeks of eating like crap, because then we are both working out. He wants to lose about 115 pounds too, and I assure him he'd have a much easier time than me (damn male metabolism) but I know I will have to prove it to him. He's going to have to get in the training mindset too though, since in September 2012 he's going to become a 3-day walker himself.

In terms of flat out facts, I made half of my workouts. Half of my 27 miles, half of my Jillian workouts, only one Zumba class, did the shake weight twice (but will do it tonight!). I did play a few hours of Just Dance (which is rapidly turning into the Elaine-from-Seinfeld dance show, I'm terrible!). I like Just Dance but I recently discovered that there is ZUMBA FOR WII. Yes, it will be coming to live with me AS SOON as I get home from San Diego. I LOVED a couple weeks ago when I did Zumba 5 times (it was when I discovered my ab!), but at $5/class I can't justify it more than twice a week. I am hoping the Zumba for Wii game is as fun as going to Zumba, I'd totally play it every day if that's the case.

Next week!

If I don't hit all my workouts this week I am fired from life. Seriously. 3 rounds of No More Trouble Zones, 3 rounds of shake weight, 2 Zumba classes (it's not in the photo but I'm going tomorrow night with a friend, I hope!) and 5 miles? Girl please, that should be no problem. Then Thursday Janae and I will be heading down to San Diego!

I got new socks for the walk awhile ago. I'm switching to toe socks and praying that they really end my love affair with blisters. It would be nice to come home tired and sore but not out of commission for three weeks. I didn't budget any time off after San Diego and am hoping to only take a few days to recover.

This week is what I spend the rest of my year looking forward to. I am so ready to spend three days in that world and to share it with Janae, and to see my cousin who just moved back to the west coast from Arkansas. I'm not worried about anything but having a good time and being part of the global movement to end breast cancer.

If you'd like to get real-time updates from me while I set out on the journey of a lifetime for a third time (wow. Just wow.), feel free to follow me on twitter, although I will warn you I USE twitter and am probably annoying to some people, lol! I'm @kaaaaacie over there. :)

See you next Sunday, bloggity blog.

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