Thursday, April 12, 2012

Starting over sucks.

And here's why: it means you gave up. It means you let some bullshit excuse get in the way of your goal. And yet here I am, starting over.


Here's what's bad - I could be so much further along today than I am.

Here's what's good - I have been keeping track of calories via the greatest app in the world (My Fitness Pal), so I am actually down about 8 pounds and I FEEL different this time.

In 2009 I lost just shy of 60 pounds, then through a host of issues (emotional eating, breakup with a terrible boyfriend, breakup with a terrible job) decided to gain most of it back. I mention that because while I was losing that weight I felt the same way I do now -- not a lot of self imposed pressure, just a very zen state.

So while I am still restructuring and reorganizing my fitness plan this week I am confident I'm on the right path. Finally. I'm also goal oriented, so when I decided last week I wanted to change my hair color (drastically) I told myself "when I lose 40 pounds." So I'm hoping to do that in June.

Back in the saddle again, for the last time.

Here we go!