Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 36: Give and take, win and lose.

I didn't get around to posting on Sunday. I have reasons, but not excuses. After nearly nine months of dating Jeff finally met my dad and my sister. We all went to dinner Sunday night and by the time we got home I was beyond exhausted, then I intended to post Monday, and time just kept slipping away from me. I'm not going to do a belated Sunday recap, not officially anyway.

So in the last 10 days I have: eaten like shit. Worked out a few times but not enough. Been alternately sleep deprived and over-saturated with sleep. Again, this is not an excuse, but a reason. On Thursday, November 3 I took my cosmetology state board exam. I spent the days prior to it studying and the days after celebrating. California doesn't give you an actual score, just a pass or fail, so I can't say how well I did but WHO cares, I passed!

I hadn't slept the night before and then Jeff generously shared his cold so I spent the weekend sleeping and bumming around in ratty PJ's. I am in no way proud of what I didn't do for my fitness plan this week, but I realize that sometimes something else has to take temporary priority. Thankfully I've been able to jump back into it this week, I'm going to have to juggle to get back on schedule with my workouts but I figure by the end of November I'll be back to only one workout per day.

The 3-day is coming up next weekend! I've hit my minimum but have not yet hit my goal because I am now redirecting my fundraising efforts to my teammate Janae. She's still really short and I am working hard to help her get there too. I know we'll do it. If you would like to help in any way, Janae's fundraising website is here. EVERY donation helps.

I am in tunnel vision mode for the next week. Everything I am doing or thinking about is for the 3-day. "I need foot powder" "I have to get in a long training walk still" "I want to get everything clean and in order before I leave so it's clean and in order when I come home and can just REST." Despite that, I am still working on a second post for this week, plus I WILL be back on Sunday with the normal recap.

Having a Make It Work month. Aren't we all, aren't we always?

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