Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 5: Sunday recap.

Recapping the last week. 3-Day mileage: I was due for 41. LOLNOPE. I hit 25, which was about what I expected this week. Without getting too far into my personal life I split my time about 50/50 with my parents/sister and my boyfriend. This makes for pretty hectic weeks, I kind of never feel like I'm in one place. I'm either packing or cleaning up to leave or unpacking. Honestly it's borderline ridiculous, but for a variety of reasons I'm not ready to 100% live with Jeff. The latter part of this week was particularly hectic and Thursday/Friday/Saturday were non-stop. I got in 22 miles in the early part of the week and 3 when I got back to "my" house tonight. Meaning none all weekend. 

I also doubled up workouts earlier in the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I did the 30 Day Shred twice so if I do it tonight before bed (questionable) I'll only have skipped one. Overall I am pretty pleased with that. I wish I'd gotten closer to my mileage goal. I usually try to walk when I'm at Jeff's but this weekend it was just out of the question. I even brought my Shake Weight hoping I'd have a few free minutes before we got going in the morning, but it doesn't really work out since I take longer to get ready (I'm high maintenance) so I shower and at least start to blow my hair dry before I wake him up and he STILL winds up sitting around for at least 10 minutes while I finish my makeup. Hell we were so busy that it took two days to get through Project Runway (thank you, Mood), fitting in 4 hours of walking wasn't going to happen. However I did make time this morning to play with Jeff's niece Joy who has recently been christened "my BFF" by her parents.

Can you blame me? Cutest kid of life, right? I also take special pride in her dancing around excitedly to pop punk. Start 'em young.

In complete fail news, I forgot (completely) that I wasn't going to drink beer. What the hell?! First I got a Stella to drown my sorrows in after my Phillies lost Friday night, but wound up being so down about it that I went to bed shortly after we got home from the pizzeria we watched in (it was bad. I cried in public. I have never been as invested in a team as I was in the 2011 Phillies, and I believed in my heart that they would go all the way this year. By all accounts they SHOULD have gone all the way). Then on Saturday at my friend Brian's surprise 30th birthday I had 3 beers. Didn't even think about it until I was halfway through the third. What. The. Heck. Whatever, it was still delicious.

The week ahead:

Only 27 miles! That is so do-able! I bet I will get it done Thursday! Maybe by Wednesday if I really push it. Although I am counting on a couple rounds of Zumba and tennis in the mix as well. So yeah, I'll shoot for 5/day Monday-Thursday and then see if I can convince Jeff to take another "quick 7 mile stroll" with me Saturday. I'm going to continue Shake Weight-ing, and may purchase another one (to leave at Jeff's, plus I believe the newer Shake Weights come with a new/different DVD workout. I am all for different DVD workouts, to keep things interesting and to possibly convince myself to do twice the working out). Midweek I am scheduled to progress to level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, which if I recall correctly had a certain exercise that had my jaw on the floor when I did it last time. Or maybe it wasn't my jaw on the floor so much as one of those exercise you can only do if you're yelling primally. Either way, that should be fun!


  1. I have the 30 Day Shred DVD. I tried it once, last time I was on a diet. I got through maybe 7 minutes, almost died, and then was insanely sore for 3 days.

    I know it's great, I'm just a wee bit scared of it now lol.

  2. Kacie! You can't say 'only' anymore. There is no 'only' about 25 miles. Crap, if it was 7 miles I'd be saying the same thing to you. Want to know how many I did? Zero. Well, maybe one or two if you count to my car and back before/after work. That's where you 'only' is applicable. I apologize for supplying you with the three delicious beers. You are doing awesome. BTW, it was great to meet Jeff, FINALLY. Looking forward to getting to know him better.