Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 12: Sunday recap

Holy busy week! To say that the last week was non-stop would be a huge understatement. As far as working out I made 22 of 27 miles. Not bad considering. I missed 2 days of the 30 Day Shred (3 if I don't do it tonight before bed but I am putting 2 here so I get off my ass and workout after writing this and sending a few more important emails). I got in 4 off schedule workouts early in the week, playing tennis and volleyball Monday and Tuesday and then Zumba Monday and Wednesday. I think I am totally addicted to Zumba. It's hilarious because I have approximately 5% rhythm to 95% jumping around like an idiot, but it is SO FUN. Highly recommended! Shake weight continues to be my biggest success, it's so easy to fit in 10 quick minutes and I start feeling the burn a few minutes before the end. I wish I was seeing results already, but I've always found it difficult to see it in myself until I look at two pictures side by side and my face is more oval than round all the sudden.

During the early part of week I ate really well, kept my calories within a good range, even after eating celebratory pizza Wednesday after getting some great news. I am trying really hard to remember that healthy living is a balance. I can't expect to be under on calories and spend hours a day working out EVERY day. It's just not natural or possible. I can only get up and do my best every day. To that end, I'm not saying I ate super well all weekend - I really like having comfort food with Jeff. We ate crappy things, but in moderation. Friday we walked to Olive Garden for lunch and weren't STARVING by dinner time so to avoid overeating late at night we each ate a Lunchable. Yeah, that one. The turkey/cheese/cracker situation. We were at Target before we went to a movie so the Lunchables were a perfect idea. Best food ever? No. But from a calorie standpoint Olive Garden+Lunchables meant a non-complete fail. And as for the movie? GO SEE 50/50. RIGHT NOW. STOP READING. Seriously, it was excellent.

Today was another story, however. I had a 3-Day fundraiser today (Bowling for Boobs!) and Jeff and I were making treat bags late last night. Including brownie bites. OM NOM NOM. I think like 3 fell in my mouth. It was the weirdest thing. And since it was a fundraising day and I am my mother's daughter I was doing 50 things last minute this morning, so time to prepare something to eat? NOPE. We grabbed Chipotle before we went to the bowling alley. Half my calories for the entire day? Gone. And then in the car on the way home I had a couple more brownie bites. Then we threw on an extra 560 calories in the form of Coney Island dogs and tots at Sonic. Yeah, writing this just solidified that I will be doing the 30 Day Shred before I go to bed. And drinking a gallon of water. Overall though I'm really happy with it. Perfect? No. Good? Yes.

We need a new scale, so I'm basing weight loss on how clothing feels right now. I'm guessing I'm hanging around 12 pounds. The jeans that were not coming over my behind now fit, but not as well as I'd like. So I'm really paying attention to my water intake. I know I'm not drinking enough, and I know that I need to get rid of some of the bloat that's happening around my midsection.

The week ahead:

So as you can see, not a lot is going to go down this week. It's still all in the calendar, but Wednesday morning I will be heading to Georgia to crew the Atlanta 3-Day! I am so excited to see a new state and to spend time with my wonderful teammates and pink warriors! I'm getting in some solid working out tomorrow and Tuesday, including Zumba tomorrow night where I'll be talking with my Zumba instructor about an upcoming fundraiser -- Zumba for Bazoombas (yeah, that's happening). Between Atlanta, Halloween, a big personal event early in November and then the San Diego 3-Day, closely followed by the winter holidays I realized I basically have no free time for the next 10 weeks. And I am okay with that.

Have an amazing week, readers! Wish me luck in Atlanta! My next Sunday recap will probably be on Tuesday the 25th, but it will be peppered with photos from what I am sure will be an amazing weekend.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about Atlanta and see the pictures. Don't forget to share some pictures! My aunt bought my brother a shake weight as a gag gift last christmas. Jokes on her.. he uses it.

    On to your brownie bites... key word - BITES. I would say you ate the equivalent of one brownie. Right? I'm horrible, I can justify eating anything if it tastes good. I brought in an angel food cake to work this morning. To share. I did not. I have ate the entire thing myself. I just checked - there are 8 servings at 99 calories a piece- 792 calories. Crap. Now I feel guilty for eating it.

    Am I the only one not doing Zumba? They have it at the gym here at school, but I haven't tried it. Mostly because I haven't stepped into the gym since I was around 6 mths pregnant. I was doing so good too. You are inspiring me to return ms. kersey.